This is a Virtual Reality project built in Unity for the HTC Vive.

Purchasing a property off-the-plan can be a risky proposition, the objective of this project is to allow the potential buyer the ability to step into the property before it exists via Virtual Reality.

Virtual Republic – Home Virtually from jkafkaris on Vimeo.

The buyer has the ability to visit areas of the property, configure elements such as floors and walls, see a running budget of such changes, take photos that will be sent via email after the experience and save their custom configurations for quick comparisons. Using room-scale, the user can walk around the area within the confines of the Vive’s play area.

Configurations can be saved and quickly compared.


The seller has the ability to show exactly how the property will look as it has been based of the architectural plans, users dwell times and preferences are all track and the analytics of such data can help for current and future projects.

View from the kitchen


View from balcony in the evening


The project is built using the StrangeIoC framework, as it is built for Vive it uses the SteamVR plugin, also from Valve “The Lab Renderer” has been used and for the controllers VRTK.

Also mixed reality has been looked into to showcase the app further – here are a couple test shots.