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The free exhibit, presented by Westpac, is designed to highlight diversity and equality through the stories of 200 women from around the world.

It’s an extension of Westpac’s support of the storytelling project and book of the same name, 200 Women: who will change the way you see the world. It is founded on 200 interviews with women in different parts of the world and different circumstances, who are asked five fundamental questions on the theme: ‘what is most important to them’.

Made with Unity, This interactive used sensors to detect people approaching the pod it was build into. It would automatically take the user through the interactive to display one of the videos it contained. If the user interrupted the sequence they would then have control of the app and could make their own selection.

There was 8 pods with 8 different themes with a total of near 100 unique videos. Collating and organising the content in a manageable method was vital to this project. All the data was stored locally and was referenced via JSON.

Some of the frameworks, components and plugins used in the app included; Zenject, LeanTween, AVPro, Soft Mask and Google Analytics SDK.

Zenject worked very nicely and using it’s Signals feature is one of my favourite parts of it, LeanTween was perfect for the sequencing of transitions required, a good thing to remember when using it is to make sure you cancel tweens when needing to abruptly change a transition. AVPro is an excellent video player plugin, it’s feature for subtitles was a major factor in choosing it for this project. Soft Mask does what Unity should do when you are masking UI and softens edges so there is no noticeable aliasing. Google Analytics SDK was used to easily send data to Google Analytics.

It was a great project to work with the crew at Webling. It threw a few interesting design challenges due to the circle screen, but the design took care of that nicely. Having the opportunity to work on something that was displayed at an iconic landmark was also great.

Here is a (rather crudely as it was rather hot so I just did it one take on my phone!) 360 view of the space. Click and drag to move it around.

A video by one of the other partners in the project.