Spinifex Group worked together with GPJ to create a fun and engaging interactive experience for the official string supplier to the Australian Open, Yonex.

Visitors to the booth tested their skills in a “guitar hero” like experience. Scores were recorded and displayed on a leader-board. The lucky person on top at the end of the day received a prize.

There was a constant line of visitor eager to play

As mentioned here on GPJ’s website 4800 fans played 125 hours over 16 days!

Game play

An Arduino was used to gather the hits on the pads and the game was developed in Unity.

Some of the major element that went into developing the app included:

  • Extenject(Zenject) was used as the framework for the app.
  • Moonscraper was used to create the note chart.
  • Chartloader was used to load the chart.
  • A local sqlite database was used to store the usernames and scores.

It was an enjoyable project and by all accounts was very successful.