Fun and games at ConnectivityLab.

Combining Unity, Kinect and Touchscreen Technologies to form a fun concept game for all.

Speeches, food, drinks and interactives!

Spinifex had a strong showing at the ConnectivityLab held at the Sydney Opera House. 4 interactives were on display including the recently successful Magnum Infinity campaign.

I developed a simple fun game for people to pit their skills against each other and attempt to get the highest score on the leader board to win a prize.

The concept was to bounce tennis balls on a racket as many times as you could, you had 3 lives and a maximum of 3 balls would appear depending how well the player was doing. If you made the list of top scorers you were then prompted for your details, leaving you name there for all to see – just like an old-school arcade game. Once a player was detected they would control a virtual tennis racket with their hand and bounce the falling balls.

From a simple concept came multiple technologies combining to form this interactive. To track the player the Kinect was used with the ZigFu library and was then build in Unity and all it’s great inbuilt physics. The touch interactivity used a touchfoil… I’m not a fan of touchfoils due to my perceived flackiness/sensitivity, some people struggle with using them, others are fine, but overall I think there are better solutions.

It’s alway great to see people playing with your projects, I was impressed with the Kinect being able to detect the correct person to be the player when a crowd was standing around it. Seeing people’s competitiveness come out was great with many people playing the game over and over.

Overall I was very pleased with how the concept piece turned out and think people were engaged with it and had fun.

Here is a video from Spinifex that shows it and others created by Spinifex in action.