This had me scratching my head for ages

I found this code somewhere in my travels but can’t remember where so sorry for not crediting the creator of it, but here it is for anyone wanting a nice slice of vector!

package com.kafkaris.utils
	import flash.display.Shape;

	 * Draw a segment of a circle
	 * @param target	<Sprite> The object we want to draw into
	 * @param x			<Number> The x-coordinate of the origin of the segment
	 * @param y 		<Number> The y-coordinate of the origin of the segment
	 * @param r 		<Number> The radius of the segment
	 * @param aStart	<Number> The starting angle (degrees) of the segment (0 = East)
	 * @param aEnd		<Number> The ending angle (degrees) of the segment (0 = East)
	 * @param step		<Number=1> The number of degrees between each point on the segment's circumference

	public dynamic class Wedge extends Shape {

		private var _colour:Number;
		private var _x:Number;
		private var _y:Number;
		private var _radius:Number;
		private var _aStart:Number;
		private var _aEnd:Number;
		private var _step:Number;

		public function Wedge(colour:Number, x:Number, y:Number, radius:Number, aStart:Number, aEnd:Number, step:Number = 1)
			_colour = colour;
			_x = x;
			_y = y;
			_radius = radius;
			_aStart = aStart;
			_aEnd = aEnd;
			_step = step;


		private function init(e:Event = null):void
			this.drawSegment(this, _x, _y, _radius, _aStart, _aEnd, _step);;

		private function drawSegment(target:Sprite, x:Number, y:Number, r:Number, aStart:Number, aEnd:Number, step:Number = 1):void {
				// More efficient to work in radians
				var degreesPerRadian:Number = Math.PI / 180;
				aStart *= degreesPerRadian;
				aEnd *= degreesPerRadian;
				step *= degreesPerRadian;

				// Draw the segment, y);
				for (var theta:Number = aStart; theta < aEnd; theta += Math.min(step, aEnd - theta)) { + r * Math.cos(theta), y + r * Math.sin(theta));
				} + r * Math.cos(aEnd), y + r * Math.sin(aEnd));, y);