Spinifex Group – Honda Mobile Product Guide

December 15, 2019


I was part of a team that developed an AR app for Honda to help train and provide knowledge to their employees.

AR in action

The app used the actual vehicle as the marker, both for the interior and exterior section of the app. VisionLib was used for this.

The all the assets were stored in a CMS powered by Contentful and would be synced locally to the app on startup.

Both Android and iOS version were created

At the end of each section of the app a quiz is presented to the user and their result is posted to the Honda LMS.

Analytics is being tracked for various elements of the app via


Imagination – Spirit of ANZAC

October 4, 2015


Spirit Of Anzac Centenary Experience is massive exhibition to commemorate the 100 years of service provided by the ANZACs.

From the video above you can see that it was a huge project that came together through hundreds of hours from many exceptionally skilled people of various backgrounds.

My role was to develop an iPad application that showed the Menin Gate, of which you can read about here – Wikipedia

The app gives the used a 360 degree view inside the gate. It then also let the user scroll through other memorial sites.

It was developed on iPad using AIR and the Starling framework.



It made up part of this area of the exhibition.


I also had a smaller part to play in assisting with the development of another app where people could pivot the app in and old style camera to find more information of those in the photo on the wall.


I have not had a chance to view the exhibition, but it is travelling around Australia and ends up in Sydney in April 2017. If you would like more information on the exhibition you can visit

Once again, thanks to Pete Shand for the photos.