A permanent space in the Sydney CommBank office for Innovation to take place

This was a big project that involved many people. I joined the project for the development phase but work had been going on months before, but I’ll just mention parts that I was exposed to and worked on.

My main role on this project was developing a tablet app that visitors to the space would be given to teach them about the space and also to be used as a tool for parts of the space. The app was developed in Adobe AIR using the Starling Framework and Robotlegs 2 to string it all together. It also used Beacon technology to detect where a user was in the space and prompt them with information.

Some of the other interactives in the space included an Oculus Rift experience built in Unity to immerse the user in customer and merchant experiences, projected applications built in Adobe AIR – one using Leap Motion technology to inform about new CommBank products and the other accessing “big data” to display findings from millions of user transactions. Another AIR applications was also developed for an interactive whiteboard that could also be controlled via the tablets.

Here is a short video showing the above interactives and the transformation of the site.

It was a great project working with some extremely talented and hard working people that pulled off this incredible project.