Another kiosk application for LG to promote their new G2 phone. This one tests the knowledge of fans at the game!

Unfortunately I don’t have any images of the game being played on the 55 inch screen it was built for – so the images below are those from a development screen.


As soon as the player touches “Start New Game” the first questions is displayed and the game clock starts.

The player is presented with a question and 4 possible answers. If the user is unsure of the answer they have the option to swipe the screen to reveal a hint.


The hint is rather generous as it actually gives the answer… I would have done this a bit differently given the chance. Swiping back the other way brings back the question.

Pressing down on the screen light up your selection – on releasing if the answer is correct it lights up green.


If correct an encouraging message appears, if incorrect on not-so encouraging appears… If the incorrect answer is selected it will light up red and the correct one green.

At the end of the game the players score is displayed for all to see. The option is there to record your score to the leaderboard.


The player can type in their name and submit it. It then appears on the leaderboard which gets displayed whilst an attractor video is playing if no one is playing the game.

In all, a simple fun engagement, no social media, no prizes, just trying to outsmart fellow fans at the game the quickest you can.

This interactive travelled around to major college football games all around the US.

I just wish it had of been college basketball!