To promote LG’s new mobile phone, the G2, we created an interactive that allowed fans at games create their own image via a green screen and share it.

One of our devs created an app for the phone, a picture would be taken and once happy with the shot it would then be sent to the kiosk.


All images here are on a development screen as I was unable to get any good ones from it being used.


Initially I was using a Pixel Bender filter to do the green screening but after a discussion with a user of Nuke we went down this path. Another of our devs created an app that ran in the background that used Nuke to remove the green. The results were amazing and better than anything I’ve ever seen using Pixel Bender.



After selecting your image you would then select a background for your new image.


Using multitouch gestures, you could then pinch, zoom, drag your image however you liked on the selected background.


When finished editing the image, you are given the option to either email it to yourself and a maximum of 3 friends, of if you have facebook, post it.


Here I have logged into facebook via a facebook login screen and said yes to the permission screens that allow the image to be posted, now it is posting it!


The end result from the facebook post!

The kiosk travelled around the US going to a number of College football games. Background images were added for new venues and gave fans a fun way to create something from their day out at the game.

Was a great team effort to get all the moving parts (android app, green screening app, kiosk app, facebook integration, email integration) all working.