I’ve just started using Vimeo to capture screen recordings of the interactives I develop, so I decided to set up all 3 of the kiosks of an ANZ job I was the developer for last year.

I also found images of the kiosks – unfortunately it was such a crazy install and it was still a construction site at the time that I did not get any shots.

I’m hoping to create a few more blogs like this showcasing the final product and a little debrief.

These interactive were developed during my transition from FlashDevelop to FDT – 2 of them were developed in FlashDevelop and published in Flash Professional – the other developed and published in FDT with an asset .swc file published in Flash Professional.

I had posted an interactive demo of one of these kiosks last year but the quality that YouTube crunched it to was rather poor.

To summaries libraries and technology used – CASALib, Prefuse Flare and Greensock TweenMax were all used. Hardware consisted of Mac Minis and touchscreens were created by using a touch-foil over a curved surface.

Spinifex’s role was to collate all the content, code the kiosks and install the hardware. I had assistance in the collating and installing and a little coding assistance on the Building kiosk due to lack of time – the other 2 I did solo.

Got any questions about any bit feel free to ask.

Brand and History Kiosk

Building Kiosk

Regional Stories Kiosk

And some images.

I sourced the images from here and here. Taken by the designer Yuttana Yoosawat.