Mirvac – St Leonards Square

April 29, 2016


After the success of the Voyager app, the same framework was applied to another development for Mirvac, this one called St Leonards Square.

Again this was build with AIR, Starling, Signals and Robotlegs. Some subtle changes were made with how the menu works so you can see at a glance where you are and what was selected to get you there.

Watch a demo of this app below.


Mirvac – Voyager

April 29, 2016


My first live project working for Mirvac.

This interactive is a touchscreen that is displayed in the display suites and used as a sales tool for Mirvac staff to show all the features and options of the development.

It is built using AIR, uses the Starling framework for great performance. Other frameworks and libraries used included Robotlegs, Signals and Away3D.

A lot of content was required to be packed into this application. Sitting with a designer at Mirvac the menu system has been reworked from previous outsourced projects. So far users have been happy navigating through it and being able to jump to other sections with ease.

One of the most used features of the app is the ability to load different finishes of bathrooms or kitchens and compare them by swiping left and right.

Here is a video of it and some of the content being displayed in action.