12 Screen, 4 computers – this is Tyree Showcase!

This was a big one. 12 x 55inch screens working together across 4 machines. Also included in the setup was another machine to act as a server and 4 Kinects used for detection of people moving towards the screens.

It is located in the new Tyree Energy Technology Building located at the University of New South Wales.

The 12 screens were divided into 4 sections. Vision, Innovation, Building and Informatics. Vision allowed visitors to select from a number of videos to watch, Innovation allowed visitors to find information on those people that worked in the department and links to their projects, Building gave visitors the chance to see unique and special features of the building and Informatics displayed data collected by systems monitoring the building.

As a nice organic touch a flow field and partical emitter were used to create the inactive state. This disappears when the Kinects are triggered by someone coming close to the screen.

Essentially the application was built as 1 that could be switched into any of the 4 sections making for simpler development and a simpler deployment.

Each screen was built to fill the 3240 x 1920 resolution from the 3 HD screens – that gives a total over 4 screens a resolution of 12960 x 1920! Biggest AIR app ever?

Also what had to happen was for all 3 screens’ touchscreen responses to be seen on the 1 computer they were connected to. Lots of drivers and lots of hair pulling finally had this working.

The application pulls data from from too many servers, services and APIs to mention!

Here it is in action:

Big long project that many people had a hand in to produce this one-of-a-kind interactive.

More info and pics here