Spinifex was involved in many interactive and motion pieces used for Cisco House overlooking Olympic Stadium during the 2012 London Games. I was the developer for 1 of the interactives.

The interactive was to display floating markers over relevant locations on a live video feed as seen in this demo:

I wanted to make it simple for anyone to set up once on location. Positioning the markers at the right location was only going to be possible once the actual live video was running onsite. To solve this issue I added a config mode so that the marker could be turned on or off with a double click and positioned by dragging them on the screen – this was all possible with the touchscreen so configuration or adjustments could be made without having to have access to a keyboard or mouse.

Config mode in action.

And here are screenshots taken from the actual machines via Teamviewer.


It was a fun and simple to use interactive that was great to build.