In collaboration with April77, has been reborn!

About 2 years ago I completed my first site in AS3 and it was for the previous version of

2 years on and it was time for an upgrade.

Once again the theme of “firsts” has followed me with this site, this is the first site I used Robotlegs and Royale/CMS.

Robotlegs workflow was quite nice with this. I created a Service that accessed the CMS and sorted it into value objects and stored it in a Model for later use via dependency injection, nice!

Royale CMS is the first (and only) CMS I have found that allows you to input content into a control panel and then spits out XML. The documentation is pretty low, though once you get into it, it is pretty straight forward, so I guess that is their rational. On a side note I’m using it in another project and it has been a much faster process. Would be interested to hear what other people use, but for the moment I think I’ll be sticking to Royale CMS.

Also added in, just at the top menu level, is deep-linking via SWFAddress.

Check out the final product – Toby Dixon Photography