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FDT – XML Security Sandbox Violation

Little problem that needed a little line to fix:

If you get this error in FDT when trying to load a XML file with paths obviously pointing to your own workspace and project:

*** Security Sandbox Violation ***
Connection to xml/sample.xml halted – not permitted from file:////Users/Jono/Documents/workspace/XML Test/bin/Main.swf
Exception fault: SecurityError: Error #2148: SWF file file:////Users/Jono/Documents/workspace/XML Test/bin/Main.swf cannot access local resource xml/sample.xml. Only local-with-filesystem and trusted local SWF files may access local resources.
at com.kafkaris::Main/loadXML()[/Users/Jono/Documents/workspace/XML Test/src/com/kafkaris/]
at com.kafkaris::Main/init()[/Users/Jono/Documents/workspace/XML Test/src/com/kafkaris/]
at com.kafkaris::Main()[/Users/Jono/Documents/workspace/XML Test/src/com/kafkaris/]

You correct it by doing the following:

– In the Debug Configurations, click on the Compiler Arguments tab.
– Go to the end of the line and type in: -use-network=false
– Apply the change and click Debug.

And you are now loading XML error free! woo!


PS – When configured right, I’m enjoying FDT more every day!

EDIT – I had to re-install FDT for a reason but since doing so found that allowing access through as mentioned in the comments below has now resolved the issue for me.

ANOTHER EDIT – This may help also:


  1. Matan Uberstein

    5 years ago

    By default the flash player will not load local files. To fix this all you need to do is add your “working” directory as a trusted location on your flash player settings. You must do this online at:

    Your fix is pretty sweet, but you’ll need to add that param for every run/debug configuration you create. Which might get annoying if you are dealing with a high volume of projects.

    Hope this helps!


  2. Jonathan Kafkaris

    5 years ago

    @Matan Uberstein
    Hi Mantan,

    Thanks for sharing the info!

    Funny thing is I tried that but I still got the error. Perhaps I don’t have something else set correctly?

  3. Matan Uberstein

    5 years ago

    Usually I just add my entire drive as a trusted location. Never had problems with it. Other than that, I don’t know what you can do?!?

  4. Jono Kafkaris

    5 years ago

    newer blog item may be the actual reason why this was happening –

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