Jono Kafkaris
Interactive Developer

Neomad – Digital Comic

This was an interesting project to work on, not so much for the actual work I did but the content was amazing.

Spinifex Group – LG March Madness

Finally! After many years of being a developer I get to make something to do with my favourite sport basketball!

Spinifex Group – Lexus Social Wall

Collating streams of content from various sources and displaying them on a giant LED screen – you have the Social Wall.

Spinifex Group – Scion Swag Machine

It has been touted as world first, an Instagram vending machine!

Spinifex Group – LG College Football Trivia Game

Another kiosk application for LG to promote their new G2 phone. This one tests the knowledge of fans at the game!

Spinifex Group – LG Green Screen Kiosk

To promote LG’s new mobile phone, the G2, we created an interactive that allowed fans at games create their own image via a green screen and share it.

Spinifex Group – Opera House AR Demo

Demo of alpha video using augmented reality.

Spinifex Group – Spin Trivia!

Fun game to play and test your general knowledge!

Spinifex Group – Lexus Performance Wheelstand

The team at Spinifex developed several interactives for Lexus for the recent US Autoshow season.

Honda INITIAL 44

Spinifex Group – Honda Turntable Scanner

When real and virtual worlds meet. Honda Turntable Scanner.

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